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Brian McLaughlin

Brian McLaughlin was sponsored for membership in the Producerʼs Guild of America by legendary Academy Award winner Roger Corman. As a production consultant for Cinematic Due Diligence Researchers, Brian “brings to the table” fifteen years of experience in the film industry as both an actor and film producer.

As a member of the Screen Actorʼs Guild and under the stage name of Brian A. Mulligan, he has acted in numerous stage and television productions and in over 50 films. Brian has acted in independently produced films such as, The Decoy, and in Universal Picturesʼ, The Kingdom. Brian was featured in the film, Take Me Somewhere Nice, which won the Audience Choice Award at the Sedona Film Festival.

As a film producer, Brain honed his skills in developing production and distribution-oriented business plans through his involvement with numerous documentary and short film productions, many of which have won critical acclaim and awards at various film festivals. As the president of Emerald Elephant Entertainment, LLC, Brian has produced four feature films. Each of these four feature films have won awards at numerous film festivals.

Brian spent 20 years in the Army and Army Reserve as he ascended to attain the rank of Major. In 2010 and 2011, Brian worked as the media production advisor on General Petraeusʻ advisory team in Afghanistan producing videos to support the counterinsurgency mission and communicate messages which would foster stability and peace in Afghanistan.

Brian has a bachelorʼs degree in Business Administration from the University of Notre Dame and a MBA from Boston University which have helped him to navigate a successful 20 year career in international business. Brian is also a mentor and judge in the annual McClosky Business Plan Competition sponsored by the University of Notre Dameʼs Gigot Center for Entrepreneurial Studies.

Some of the professional achievements that Brian has attained include: 1) serving as a board member and three-time President of the Independent Film Association of Southern Arizona; 2) serving as a board member and treasurer of the Loft Cinema (Tucsonʼs independent arthouse and an official Sundance Film Festival venue); and 3) serving as a Moderator on panels at several film conventions and film festivals.

Brian currently lectures at the Los Angeles Film School. He has been a visiting assistant professor in the film department of the University of Notre Dame. Brian has also served as an adjunct faculty member at Cal State, San Bernadino and at The Art Institute of Tucson, teaching courses in film, business, and math. He has been a recurring guest speaker to film students at the University of Notre Dame and the University of Arizona.

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