Cinematic Due Diligence Researchers (CDDR)

Simplifying film investments … vetting screenplays one at a time.

About Us

Professional Profile of Principal

Elijah H. Banks, III - Chief Executive Officer

Prior to starting Cinematic Due Diligence Researchers (CDDR), Elijah Banks was an amateur film historian who served as the Marketing Director for Worldwide Financial Services, LLC (WFS), a commercial loan and private equity placement firm. At WFS, Elijah routinely solicited and critiqued the funding requests and business plans submitted from individuals and businesses seeking debt, equity, joint venture, mezzanine, or recapitalization financing for new or existing, commercial ventures.

Prior to his employment at WFS, Elijah served in the following professional positions:

  1. as an investment banker handling the financial needs of high net worth individuals;
  2. as a business research consultant developing, composing, and implementing business expansion plans for corporate clients; and
  3. as a member of the board of directors of the Northern California Commercial Association of Realtors (NCCAR).

CDDR promotes an investment philosophy of encouraging its clients to fully fund the aggregate total of an operational budget in a feature film project rather than invest in “bridge” financing to enhance their return on investment (ROI).

CDDR serves as a conduit through its vetting service to fill a void to ensure that the movie going public is not deprived of enjoying some great stories that should be filmed for their entertainment value and for posterity.

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