Cinematic Due Diligence Researchers (CDDR)

Simplifying film investments … vetting screenplays one at a time.

Mission Statement

Cinematic Due Diligence Researchers (CDDR) takes a comprehensive and personalized approach to advising clients in connection with their decisions to fully fund film projects by utilizing the working experience and analytical skills of film industry veterans to vet screenplays and their production-oriented, business plans.

CDDR exist as a source to render an objective assessment as to whether a screenplay’s writers and production company have created an entertaining script and a production-oriented, business plan that can be utilized to produce a final product that has the potential of becoming: 1) a box office hit; 2) a product that should be sold immediately to the video/cable marketplace; or 3) a product that should be placed back in the pipeline for further development.

As with any industry that is besieged with the buying, selling, and promoting of intellectual properties, investors who control the daily operations of successful business entities that have emerged to comprise the film industry require the assistance of consultants in the investment decision process.

Not every film project is going to enjoy the immediate success at the box office as did the releases of “The Lorax,” “The Hunger Games,” “The Avengers,” or “Iron Man 3.” CDDR’s clients are repeatedly reminded to remember that business transactions by their very nature represent calculated risks; nevertheless, no investment translates to no gain.

Predetermined profits occur, in the film industry as they do in other industries, when a well-written script is coupled with plans to creatively promote a feature film in a manner that will produce box office receipts and ancillary sales based on maximizing the exploitation of multiple revenue streams that are linked to targeted, demographic markets of moviegoers.

Supplying investment-oriented research that will enable a prospective investor with the ability to evaluate their anticipated return on investment should they decide to fully fund an operational budget that will cover every facet in the life of a feature film project from pre-production to principal photography to post-production is an important factor in the investment decision process.

(Please Note: The facts used herein to express the views of the author are from an opinionated viewpoint and should not be solely relied upon by any reader of this material in formulating or executing an investment strategy. All readers are encouraged to conduct their own research of the data and opinions presented herein before making any commitment to a particular project or a series of projects.)

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